Monday, October 5, 2009

Gülen Movement Schools Praised by the President of Turkey

President Gül has said he has personally observed the success of Turkish schools established around the world, underlining that those schools have been helping to build fraternal ties between Turkey and the countries in which they have been established.
Gül's remarks came on Saturday during a visit to the Nakhchivan Private Turkish High School on the sidelines of a summit of the Turkic-speaking countries held in the autonomous Azerbaijani republic of Nakhchivan.
Expressing excitement over visiting the Turkish high school, Gül said: "Now I have learned from presentations made here that this is the first Turkish school opened in this region. I know from the visits that I've paid of how these Turkish schools have spread from Central Asia to the Balkans and to Africa. I personally visit these schools and see how successful they are." Turkish schools have been established in more than 80 countries.
"I know how they teach the Turkish language, how they spread Turkish culture and how they make a contribution to the building of fraternal ties between Turkey and the countries in which they provide education. In this regard, I highly appreciate [these schools]," Gül said, while voicing his satisfaction over the fact that the schools are being supported by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in the same way they were supported by the late President Haydar Aliyev.

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