Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turkish Days in New York

The Turkish Days in New York” festival showcased the Anatolian Civilizations, Turkic & Balkan cultures and traditions, and modern Turkey to all New Yorkers last week. The festivities started on Sunday, September 27th and continued through Sunday, October 4th 2009. The festival was organized by the Turkish Cultural Center New York and supported by TABID, the Turkish-American Business Improvement & Development Council.

During the festival, New Yorkers experienced an unforgettable week of Turkish hospitality as they walked through custom-designed world famous Grand Bazaar booths and an Istanbul panorama; danced to the rhythms of the Ottoman Janissary Band; experienced the devotion of Whirling Dervishes; enjoyed the finest Turkic and Balkan Folklore performances; watched three contemporary Turkish movies; explored Turkish arts and crafts; and taste the famous Turkish & Balkan cuisines.

The Turkish Festival has become a tradition which is celebrated by Turkish-Americans, Turkic & Balkan nations together with American friends and families. Last year, more than 25,000 people-- most of whom were non-Turkish--- visited the Festival at the Central Park in Manhattan. New Yorkers tasted and enjoyed its famous Turkish cuisine. This year, the festival showcased again the best Turkish and Balkan cuisines to New Yorkers.

For more information about this great event, visit http://www.turkishdaysinny.org/ 

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